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Upcoming: The Music of Erich Zann

Coming soon to a mobile device near you.

A Story by H.P. Lovecraft

A mute viola player fights strange forces behind his window by playing wild tunes with his viola. This classic piece from 1922 was the author's favorite amongst all his works.

Music-driven gameplay

Catch the notes before they reach the end of the line, and beware the Evil Eye! Upgrade the viola between rounds. Game elements are created dynamically from the soundtrack, and you can even supply your own music to play against!

Illustrated audiobook

The comes packed with the original story as an audiobook - fully illustrated. The story is about 18 minutes long.

Released: Sword & Glory

Launched in 2012, Sword & Glory quickly became the project we most like to show around. Here's what it's all about:

Swords & Shields

No-nonsense duels where the outcomes are decided by a combination of character perks, equipment and player skills


Choose your path through a multitude of stories that range from fights over the best fishing places to the player becoming the King of Silver Valley.


What would you be willing to die for? Every fight can be your character's last, so choose your fights thoughtfully. Or don't, if you're not the thoughtful kind of a person.

Free to play

Free to download and play, featuring non-obtrusive in-app purchases. Epic Points can be bought with real money or earned in-game, and are used to buy equipment, gain in-game currency and increasing starting level for new characters.

Android & iOS

Available for download from AppStore, Samsung Apps or Google Play. Go get yourself a copy, it's free.

Critical acclaim

Excellent reviews from users (average 4.5 stars) and critics, see for example articles on toucharcade and Pocket Tactics.

Upcoming: Mega Pork

Game by Mika Isomaa, which we are helping to polish and publish. Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the development of this game. Anywhere, by anyone, in any way. We promise, now go and finish your plate. Coming soon to a mobile device or a website near you, with no polish, in-app purchases, or apologies.

Pork! Pork everywhere!

Experience the life of pork in a pork simulator of unprecedented realismo.

Industrial Pork Action Puzzle

Tickle your brains with challenging pork puzzles involving platforms, levers, machinery and pork.

With Lasers!

Because everything is better with lasers.


Just the quick headlines. For more detailed account of what's been going on, go to out blog, or if you're more of the quick updates type, you can check out twitter.

The Music of Erich Zann

Unveiled at the Pocket Game Connects 2014 Helsinki's the Very Big Indie Pitch, The Music of Erich Zann looks promisingly like our next game to be released to the public.

Mega Pork!

Announcing a collaboration with Mika Isomaa, Mega Pork for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and web.

Sword & Glory 1.2.7

The 1.2.7 update for Sword & Glory contains mostly fixes for some glitches. You now also gain Epic Points from dying, and the more Glory you gained, the more Epic Points you receive.

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