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Sword and Glory

Launched in 2012, Sword & Glory quickly became the project we most like to show around. Here's what it's all about:

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Swords & Shields

No-nonsense duels where the outcomes are decided by a combination of character perks, equipment and player skills


Choose your path through a multitude of stories that range from fights over the best fishing places to the player becoming the King of Silver Valley.


What would you be willing to die for? Every fight can be your character's last, so choose your fights thoughtfully. Or don't, if you're not the thoughtful kind of a person.

Free to play

Free to download and play, featuring non-obtrusive in-app purchases. Epic Points can be bought with real money or earned in-game, and are used to buy equipment, gain in-game currency and increasing starting level for new characters.

Android & iOS

Available for download from AppStore, and Google Play. Go get yourself a copy, it's free.

Critical acclaim

Excellent reviews from users (average 4.5 stars) and critics, see for example articles on toucharcade and Pocket Tactics.

Coming Next

Women Warriors

Sword & Glory update 1.5: Women Warriors is finally live! Among many other things, you can now play as a woman, and save your game to cloud.

Unity Asset Store

We have some assets at Unity Asset Store, but these are considered to be somewhat deprecated. Updated version are being planned.

A New Game

We have been diligently adhering to our slogan, throwing away prototypes since 2011, but a day is drawing near when we will actually take a project and finish it.

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Tampere, Finland


"The CEO"
Tampere, Finland


"The Pixels"

We've also been helped from time to time by by Sini and Marko.

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